Lucy Robles came to the Untied States from Mexico, first as a visitor and then in 1988 to live. Lucy married and began to raise a family. She and her husband now live in the Joliet area and have four children, two boys and two girls. She was a nurse in Mexico but did not become licensed as a nurse in Illinois until 2006 when she passed the NCLEX. Lucy took several courses through the Chicago Bilingual Nurse Consortium and now works at Silver Cross Hospital as a Home Health Nurse

Lucy states that CBNC motivated her to see her potential as nurse and provided the support to perserve to obtain her RN license. CBNC also provided her with the financial assistance to take the courses.

“I had forgotten that I was a nurse. I thought it was impossible to become a registered nurse in the US because of all the requirements and the paper work. The Consortium made it easier and possible to become a nurse again. It opened hospital doors to me not as a patient but as a nurse-- offering me the opportunity to practice nursing again. Through the consortium I met others in similar situations and made new friends. The consortium provided support and courses that met each individual at their level of need.-- whether it was English, Nursing or both.”